This artwork is made by taking a pattern from my everyday clothing, cutting brazen mesh to the pattern, sewing parts together with fine wire to make a brazen shirt, placing it on a plaster body model, covering it with powder glass and firing it in an electric kiln to fuse the glass. I made the plaster model of my body to faithfully reproduce the nuanced shape and feel of my clothing. Conventionally, glass is cast in the mold. Here, conversely, the plaster medium is inside the glass, allowing the melting glass to assume delicate texture, adding merit to the work.

I feel the presence of life from temperature and moisture. I feel it in various things near me. Clothes particularly give me such sensation perhaps because they come so close to the body of the wearer, so close as to touch it. I feel the wearer's presence through the smell of the clothes and a warmth associated with it as well as creases and frays made over the years. What stirs imagination and an urge for expression in me is the breathing of people past and present and the sense of relief I have as I feel its strength.